Metal Core PCB 


Insulated Metal Base PCB


Aluminum core PCB ----  High Thermal Conductivity  :8W/mk




Copper core PCB ----High Thermal Conductivity:380W/mk




Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards/IMS PCB

MCPCB, Metal Core PCB, thermal PCB,IMS PCB---whatever you say,they are  all boards which use a base metal material as the heat spreader portion of the circuit board.Metalcore PCB is abbreviated as MCPCB, it is made of the thermal insulating layer, metal plate and metal copper foil, which has special magnetic conductivity, excellent heat dissipation, high mechanical strength, and good processing performance. For metalcore base material, there are aluminum and copper base materials. Aluminum substrate is a kind of metal-based copper-clad plate with good heat transferring and dissipation function. The copper substrate has better performance than aluminum, but its price is relatively more expensive than aluminum.


For such MC PCB or IMS PCB,the most important index is the thermal conductivity.Aluminum core PCB, the thermal conductivity is from 1w/mk to 8w/mk. Most factories used the lowest cost  with 1w/mk that they do not ask cusotmer about parameter.We have 1w/mk to 8w/mk for Aluminum base material.


If you need much more thermal conductivity ,you have to use copper core pcb which the thermal conductivity can be 380w/mk,that is about 300 times than normal Aluminum boards.






Our Metal Core PCBs

Rigid-flex PCB
Large PCB
Heavy Copper PCB
Metal Core

Usually,there are three different stackups for metal core PCB

This is the most Metal core PCB stackup.

Single sided,metal core is at the bottom side.

Double layer with single sided Aluminum PCB.Bottom side is the Metal layer,one circuit layer is in the middle which we can not see it .

Double layer with single sided Aluminum PCB. The metal core is in the middle which we can not see.Two circuit layers are on top and bottom side,so we can see this type MCPCB is like a normal FR4 2 Layer board.

Thermoelectric separation copper substrate PCB

We usualy make above three types for Aluminum PCBs. The thermal conductivity is from 1W/mk to 8 W/mk.

Top quality of the Aluminum core Material


If 8w/mk is too low for your product.You have to use Thermoelectric separation copper substrate PCB.The thermal conductivity can be 380W/mk.

The circuit part and the thermal layer part of the substrate are on different circuit layers, and the thermal layer part directly contacts the heat dissipation part of the lamp bead to achieve the best heat dissipation (zero thermal resistance) effect. And the material of the substrate is generally the copper substrate.

Flashlight, industrial miner's lamp, automotive LED lamp, UV lamp, stage projection lamp, 5G communication, wall washer, LED street lamp, mechanical equipment and various precision and high-demand cooling lighting equipmen