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PCB is the short name of Printed Circuit Boards.however ,some ones also call it as PWB--Printed Wire boards.There are many different types of boards,such as rigid PCB--this is what we often say and used in the world. Flexible PCB--FPC,it used to connect two or more parts,see your camera or mobile ,FPC connects LCD to mother board. Rigid-flex board--a board with some part are flex and others are rigid.
Most are multi-layers board.Aluminum board---the base material is aluminum ,most used in LED,it requires high thermal conductivity. 

PCB manufacturing process is  very complex ,there are over 30 steps ,we will show you a very simple process here.

Double sided PCB:
Cutting Material-->Drilling holes--->Plating holes--->Outer layer
-->Etching-->Solder mask-->Silkscreen-->HAL(Gold)-->CNC (routing,v-cut)-->Testing-->Final inspection

Multilayer PCB:
Cutting Material-->Inner layer-->Press (stackup)--->Drilling holes​-->Plating--->Outer layer -->Etching-->Solder mask-->Silkscreen--->HAL(Gold)-->CNC (routing,v-cut)-->Testing-->Final inspection

Storm Circuit offers a full range of PCB fabrication. HDI PCB , RF PCB ,Rigid-flex PCB ,ENEPIG PCB ,large PCB ,impedance control, via in pad, blind/buried PCB .etc

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    RF PCB
    Rigid-flex PCB
    Large PCB
    Heavy Copper PCB
    Metal Core

    Full range of RF PCB / Microwave PCB and High Frequency materials /Rogers material in stock
    10 years aerospace PCB manufacturing experiences
    7/24 Live sales &tech support
    24 hours fast prototype expedite services

     4 Layers HDI PCB as quick as in 5 working days

    10 Layer HDI PCB as quick as in 8 working days

    16 Layer HDI PCB as quick as in 10 working days

    4 & 6 & 8 Layer rigid-flex PCB made from 6 days to 12 days